Below you will find the web presence of talented, dedicated artists and scholars with whom I’ve collaborated in one way or another over the years. I think you’ll appreciate and enjoy their work as much as I do.

An asterisk* denotes a former student. (While I take pride in this, no credit for their success is implied or should be inferred.)


Kathleen Achor, Free-lance Editor

Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell, Psychologist*

Denise Wilmer Barreto, Serqet Productions & Media*

Margie Brown, Storyteller

Noel Carmack, Artist, Utah State University, Eastern

Emily Crumpton, Historian

Brooks K. Eisenbise, Artist

Dr. David Frantz, Musician

Martin Gollery, Photographer

Ed Gilbreath, Author, Editor, Speaker*

Dale Gregory, Gregory-Fowler Media*

Ben Guiterrez, Weather/Anchor Reporter, Hawaii News Now

Dave Johnson, Musician, and Midwestern Lull

Jacob Jolliff, Musician

John Sam Jones, Writer

Julie Anne Jones, Personal Coach

Jenny Justice, Writer

Bryan Kelly, Radio Producer*

Noah Kinsey, Actor*

Steve Kinzie, Musician

Shawn Kirchner, Musician

Jim Lehman, Brotherstone Publishers

Peg Lehman, Musician

Del Rey Loven, Artist

Dr. Sara Moslener, Central Michigan University*

Dr. Robert McManus, Marietta College*

Matt Miller, Actor*

Kirby Neumann-Rea, Editor, Hood River News

Anna Olson Nugent, Actor*

Janet Periat, Writer / Pink-Haired Lunatic

Connell O’Donovan, Historian

Brook Pridemore, Musician*

Allyson D. Platt, Licensed Professional Counselor

Prof. Travis Poling, Writer & Teacher*

Troy Randall-Kilpatrick, Actor*

Amy Gall Ritchie, Spiritual Director & Coach

Lea Shelton, Economically Conscious Solutions for Business & Living

Dr. Gregg Schacher, Therapist*

Heidi Simonson, Family Attorney (and guitarist)

M. Elizabeth Sutton, Social Media Consultant*

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