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Click each link for complete lyrics, audio, and notes:

Abandon (1997)

All That Remains Is The Love (1995)

Brooks (Instrumental, 2000)

Coffee (2004)

Civil Rights (aka “The Short, Stubby People Song”) (1992)

Desire is Waiting (1987)

Early Riser (2006)

First Dance (1995)

Hemingway’s World (1986)

Let Us Gather (1995)

Living In Between (1997)

Ohio Moonlight (2007)

On The Boil (1997)

Kindness, Patience, Forgiveness (Instrumental, 2013)

Leading the Dance (1999)

Sanctuary (2002-2020)

Sketch (1995)

Soul in the Brogue (instrumental, 1988)

Surrexit (1988)

Wallflower (2015)

We Are Not Going Away (1995)

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