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Living Room Music is
David Frantz: songwriter, vocals, cello, keyboards, acoustic bass, guitar
Lee Krähenbühl: songwriter, vocals, guitars, cuatro/charango, Irish bouzouki, vihuela, saxophone

In late January 1993, Lee came over to David’s house with his Alvarez 6-string and beat-up 1976 12-string. We had never played together before. Within half an hour we had composed the two songs below. The arrangements here are pretty much the way they came out as whole pieces in that first meeting, and pretty much the way we play them today:

Maybe Dayton (1993)
Listen via YouTube

Goodnight,Bryan (1993)

We served as Artists-in-Residence for the Tobias Leadership Engagement and Discovery Conference from 2012 through 2017. For each conference, we incorporated the meeting’s theme and discussions over several days into an on-site composition presented at the final session.

Yes, And (2014)

Blinking in Sudden Light (2015)

Guest pianist: John Burgess

Vermont Home (2016)

Guest pianist: John Burgess

Transformation of Power (2017)

Love Unexplored: Acoustic Stories and Unlikely Spirituals. Found Space, 1996. Currently unavailable.

Living Room. Living Room Music, 2006. Available on

Beyond Words: Instrumental Musings 1992-2012. Living Room Music, 2012. Available on

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