First Dance (1995)


I was so scared, it was all I could do to get up the nerve to dance closer to you
Was it you who chose me or me who chose you
Or both of us spinning and twirling into our first dance

Places we’ve been and the people we’ve loved all taught us the steps that we practiced alone
‘Til we stopped trying so hard to do everything right
Let go of the rail to step into the spotlight for our first dance
For our first dance

Now we’re walking by the harbor, moonlight dancing on the water
Say you want to marry me
Just go ahead now
Go ahead now

Was it you who chose me or me who chose you as the band packs it in and the light fades away
For better for worse for work for play for the rest of our souls, for the rest of our lives
Like our first dance
Like our first dance
Like our first dance
Just go ahead now

Copyright ©1996 by Lee Krähenbühl / Found Space Music. All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission. Permissions:

Composed: Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Wilmington, Delaware, May 1995

First public performance: Wilmington, Delaware, May 1995

Notes: Written in honor of, and first performed at, the wedding of Heidi and Jeff Warrington. Also performed at the wedding of Ruth Masterson and Martina Barash, October 2013.

Recording: David Frantz and Lee Krähenbühl, Love Unexplored (1996)

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