Ohio Moonlight (2007)


Ohio moonlight, captivate me, the way you fill this night
We are swimming conversation in silver pools of light
Never saw you look this way, the way you look tonight
Ohio moonlight

Lady Wisdom called Sophia, long sought-after pearl
I will have hope long as I know you’re somewhere in this world
Honey-tonguéd Wind of Fire
Breathe life into me ’til my soul’s unfurled
Ohio moonlight

There is longing in me, grasping, that wants to make you stay
But Spirit blows where She will go and sails us separate ways
I’ll be grateful every hour for this sweet ache that never goes away
Ohio moonlight
Ohio moonlight

Composed: Inspiration Hills Camp, Burbank, Ohio, June 2007
First Public Performance: Riverfest, Toledo, Ohio, July 2007

Copyright ©2019, 2007 by Lee Krähenbühl / Ravenhill Music. All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission. Permissions: LeeKrahenbuhl@aol.com.

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