Research: The Coggeshall Family

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A second focus of my research, in addition to the life and work of T. A. Lyne, concerns a family of performers with deep ancestral roots on Nantucket Island, children of William Boylston Coggeshall (1811-1857) and Ann Maria Jenkins (1813-1899). Four of the seven siblings became performers of note, though none under their birth names:

  • Caroline, (b. 1834);
  • William, (b. 1836);
  • Annie, (b. 1838), and
  • Rosamond (b. 1857).

I will be chronicling them in a series of historical journal articles, culminating in the work currently in progress, Their Dramatic Combinations: The Intertwining Lives and Turbulent Times of the Lynes, Coggeshalls, and Carters, Three Spectacular American Theatrical Families, 1834-1930.

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