Wallflower (2015)


One two three four five
Two three four five…

Wallflower, wallflower
After fiftysome years
Sometimes I still feel like the shortest boy at the dance
And I guess I am
But you don’t seem to mind

I was the wallflower, wallflower
When I saw you
And your beauty, it stunned me like narcissus in snow
You made me want to try and dance
Me with my five-four frame and my five-four feet
In their five-four time
Two three four five
Two three four five

But see how you waltz with such grace and such style
And my five-quarter time missed your steps by a mile
I was born far too soon, I arrived far too late
And we missed our chance
Before we ever really got to dance

Wallflower, wallflower
They’ve turned on the lights and they sweep up the floor
And you give me a wave as I’m watching you leave
As I awkwardly unpin my heart from my sleeve
That’s where you touched me and that’s where you’ll stay
And you’ll always know where to find me
If you come back some day

Please remember your wallflower
Please remember your wallflower

Copyright ©2015 by Lee Krähenbühl / Living Room Music. All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission. Permissions: LeeKrahenbuhl@aol.com.

Composed: Portage, Michigan, Spring 2015

First public performance: The Boatyard, Kalamazoo, Michigan, Spring 2015

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